A versatile free Click Tracking / Link Tracking platform. Furthermore it can be used as an URL management tool with many potential uses.

Some Usage examples:

  • PPC traffic monitor / tracker
  • Click Tracker / Link Tracker
  • Paid Ads Click Tracker
  • Social Media Traffic Tracker
  • Multi-Source Click Tracker
  • Affiliate Traffic Tracker
  • A/B Testing URL Rotator
  • Intermediate traffic monitor / General Hop Tracker
and more.

Important: It also comes with an inbuilt Url Shortening Feature.

Lots. Here are some examples:

  • Click Tracking / Traffic Tracking
  • A/B Testing URL Rotator
  • Last Visitors Log
  • Bot detection and stats filtering
  • Coming soon: URL custom allow/block rules, advanced site monitoring
  • Coming soon: Hosted Landing Pages

Wkitt.com is a cloud-based SaaS platform, located in the EU. Your data is securely stored on our cloud servers, and you can access it from any location or device, 24/7.

Interface: Our product features a modern multi-device, responsive interface. You can use your account with any device, including desktop, laptop, tablet or smartphone.

Wkitt is a hop-based link tracking and control system. It is used an intermediate redirect:

Original source => Wkitt => Your website.

Note: Original traffic source can be a paid ads platform, another website, a social media account etc.

Once logged in, within your account you can add Target URLs and URL rotators (or Hp[s]). An Entry URL is generated and shortened for each group. You can share the Hop URL on social media or place it on an ads network website.

When you direct traffic inbound to Wkitt via the Entry URL, it will be automatically redirected to your Target URLs. However all these requests will be firstly logged while in transit. Statistics will then be made available via your user panel.

There can be several, but let's mention the most important ones:

  • PPC traffic tracker for any paid ads platform (such as Google Ads, Facebook Ads, Bing etc.). Advertisers need to accurately track PPC traffic. In some cases, not all paid traffic reaches destination site.

    Problem: Not all PPC traffic reaches your site, and you don't know why. While a certain percentage is normal (natural churn; technical reasons), if there are large discrepancies, you need fi find out where the problem lies.

    Solution: Wkitt can track traffic accurately. It can also tell you where the problem relies if there is a significant traffic loss. It might be either in your traffic source (ad platform, paid ads, third party referral site) or, maybe, even on your own site. By comparing the clicks that transited Wkitt with both the source of traffic and your site's analytics, you can determine where the problem is.

    Important note: Due to the way it works (intermediate redirect), Wkitt can detect even clicks that will not be detected by your everyday tracker or analytics package. We can also detect and control certain bots. This is a major advantage when using Wkitt.

  • Social Media Link tracker / Click Tracker. In many cases, paid traffic does not reach destination site.

    Problem: It might be difficult to track social media links/clicks. Each platform has its own interface and using multiple platforms can be a headache. Furthermore, sometimes you want to send SM traffic to multiple pages and see the effect (known as A/B testing). Sometimes traffic is comprised of bots; and you don't know about it.

    Solution: Wkitt can be used with any multiple social media sites and will track clicks accurately. You can track multiple sources, as many as you want. Furthermore, you can detect bots and adjust your traffic statistics to discount them.

  • General Traffic Tracker / Refferal Traffic coming from third party sites. You can use this system to test referrals, paid ads traffic or social media traffic, and see how much of the original traffic was actually sent your way.

    Problem: Not all traffic is detected with normal analytics or statistics systems. Most of these systems use JS-based scripts and additional requests from the code inserted in your site. This kind of setup is normal; but a result, traffic stats are often lost. You are often left wondering why out of 100 paid clicks, only 50 clicks actually seem to have reached your site.

    Solution: Wkitt will detect most traffic requests sent towards your website (except the few lost by DNS or network errors). It will also detect bot traffic, and browsers without Javascript enabled. The traffic will still continue towards your site normally but it is definitely tracked.

    Note: In the near future we will offer even better tracking, including click fraud prevention tools and DNS error detection within our system.

  • A/B testing URL rotator. You can divert traffic from a traffic source, through Wkitt and then further to a group of Target URLs, visited in rotation. This way you can split the traffic between different landing pages (or offers) and then measure which one performs best.

    The problem: Most A/B testing tools are expensive and therefore out of reach for everyday users or small business.

    Solution: Our A/B rotator service is very low cost. We hope you'll enjoy it, so why not using it each day from now on? It is also dead simple to install and use. Only certain advanced features are available for a fee.

  • Affiliate tracker. Affiliates usually divert paid traffic from a traffic source (example: paid ads) to an affiliate offer provided by a business. By doing so, each time they make a sale, they also earn some commission % out of that sale.

    Problem: Affiliates have no way of telling how many clics were really sent from a traffic source. They pay for each click; but later they cannot control how many are even sent their way.

    Solution: Wkitt will track those affiliate clicks for you, so you get control over your spending budget and traffic stats. Note: In the near future we plan to offer even better tracking and fraud detection whenever possible, and also DNS error detection.

Wkitt.com GDPR compliant out of the box. It is a cookie-less system, and we do not use persistent cookies without consent.

You can use Wkitt straight away without worries. In the future if advanced featureds will have GDPR impact or require consent, we will advise our users as to what the impact is. For now, there is no such risk anywhere in Wkitt.

Important: We are monitoring upcoming changes later this year with the new ePrivacy directive. It is possible that this directive will relax things a little further, in the scope of statistics and tracking.

We belive it is needed! We intend to help small businesses manage their business, start and grow.

... And we kind of had it already. This cloud product derives from technology we have worked on, over the years.


Very easy! Wkitt.com is designed for simplicity. New features are being added constantly.

Very fast! Try it and see for yourself. URL redirection is always done quickly. We believe in performance, and yes, we plan to keep it that way.

Note: In the near future we will also deploy more geographically distributed servers, to improve ping time further for certain requests. For the moment we are serving requests from UK and EU.

Professional features like Wkitt offers, are usually provided with a high price tag. We are here to change this.

We believe in products empowering small businesses. Helping a lot of users with a good tool, is a good business to be in.

With our product, you get professional-level features for cheap. And if you really enjoy our product, upgrading to a paid plan is also available, but optional - entirely up to you.

Our cloud technology is server-efficient, designed for efficiency and security. It's all built-in.

Paid users have access to support, as specified in their plan. We also offer 24/7 uninterrupted service. Our online documentation is also here to explain each and every section, and provide tips and suggestions. Furthermore, our product is quite simple to use.

Technical Aspects

Any device like computer, tablet or even smartphone and an internet connection. Simply click on the Signup button to test for free. Then follow the on-screen instructions. It's that simple!

Yes! Like our users, we are concerned and strongly care about privacy. Your business data is safely stored in GDPR-compliant EU datacenters, and databases are encrypted both at rest and data in transit (via https).

Our content policies:

You cannot use our system (either at source or destination site) with any illegal or inappropriate/abusive pages or websites; specifically you cannot use our product in relation with pages that contain any of the below: Illegal products, recreational drugs (either chemical or herbal), counterfeit products, any pornography including child pornography, malware, illegal downloads including movies and illegal mp3 or streaming; profane language; abusive, harrassing websites, sites promoting violence or extremism, racial discrimination sites, hatred or shocking content, violence, intolerance, bullying, graphic images like crime scene or accident footage, murders or self-harm; extortion or blackmail; cruelty to animals or sale of endangered species; or directing traffic from/to countries under embargo by the EU. We also disallow instructions for making explosives or other dangerous products; weapons, ammunition, psychoactive substances; equipment for drug usage; explosive materials; fireworks; tobacco products. Furthermore, any link schemes OR sneaky redirects, and any dishonest behaviour sites like abuse services, denial of service, inflating links or ad traffic clicks; anything fake including fake diplomas, fake documents pages aren't allowed. We don't allow Bulk Traffic sites and PPV/CPA sites that generate a lot of fake clicks.

If you like our product, or even if you don't, please tell us and let us make it better. We are glad to improve it for you!
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